European Digital Identity Wallet

Project vision


Credit: Guillaume Périgois

The European Digital Identity Wallet will provide citizens and businesses with a simple, reliable and secure way to identify themselves online and share with private and public service providers a multitude of attributes and certificates, such as a driver's license, diploma or bank account details.

The European Commission's proposal, the result of contributions from a multifaceted supranational working ecosystem, aims to provide all European citizens with a public electronic identity that will enable users to securely request, obtain and store their information, allowing them to access online services, share data about themselves and sign documents with qualified electronic signatures or seals.

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PagoPA is engaged together with the Department for Digital Transformation in the working groups promoted by the European Commission in the area of European digital identity. The Company has worked together with the other European countries and stakeholders within the tables established within the eIDAS Expert Group. The goal set is to realize a national Digital Wallet model based on the IO App and compatible with the European Digital Identity Wallet format.