About Us

For a new generation of digital public services


We are a company owned by the Italian state through the Ministry of Economy and Finance, subject to the supervision of the Prime Minister through the Deputy Minister.

Our mission is to design and build the state's digital infrastructure to deploy digital public services that are increasingly easy to use, secure and responsive to citizens' needs. We do this by combining collective interest and market logic, strong dynamism and a culture of inclusiveness, performance and accountability.


Our vision

We strive to contribute to the development of a digital ecosystem with the citizen at the center: we build infrastructure to ensure innovative services that improve people's lives and make the country more competitive. We conceptualize technology as a tool for reducing inequality and enabling people to have more opportunities and exercise their rights more easily.

Our management

Alessandro Moricca

Sole Director

Maurizio Fatarella

Managing Director

Patrizio Caligiuri

Director of Institutional Affairs & Communication

Mirko Calvaresi

Director of Technologies & Services

Gloriana Cimmino

Director of PA Market and Businesses

Marta Colonna

Director of Legal & Compliance

Matteo De Santi

Director of Product & Design

Lorenzo Fredianelli

Director of Business & Innovation

Maria Teresa Lucibello

Director of Finance & Administration, People & Procurement

Michelangelo Quaglia

Director of Governance & Data Strategy

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